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    New Year Resolutions Old Year Problems | Headlines with the Pastors, E7

    The Pastors look at pulling the shade on New Years Resolutions in favor of Godly aspirations. Then, more seriously they address the Jeffery Epstein connected madam Maxwell who was recently convicted of sex trafficking while also unpacking how Christ can heal the wounds of sexual violence and violation. Finally, a look at the Christian life lived between the Sundays, from the Father’s Temple to the Baptismal enlightenment of Epiphany.

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    Build Back Better Burger-Bill Butchered, Nickin’ the Santa Claus | Headlines with the Pastors, E6

    Part two of the highly controversial Build Back Better bill kicks the can…for now, the Myth of Santa Clause and the Legend of Saint Nicholas, we laugh thru some ridiculous Christmas headlines concerning cream cheese and arson, before looking at the Christian life lived between the Sundays—it’s our Christmas show and you’re invited! 0:00 Introduction 5:52 Build Back Better Nothin’ Burger 28:13 Cheesecake No Bake and Arson, EXTRA EXTRAS 43:21 Good Ol’ Fake Nick 1:01:43 True Meaning of Christmas

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    The Rittenhouse Ripple Effect, Cyber Monday, and Advent Preparations | Headlines with the Pastors Ep. 04

    The Rittenhouse ripple effect is a manufactured reality that the Christian must take note of as media perpetuates cultural thought and people imitate what is perceived as justice. The pastors also briefly chat about Christian mindfulness in holiday shopping and what ringing in the new Church Year— in the season of Advent— is all about! 

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    HWTP Ep3: Kyle Rittenhouse Guilty or Not | SpaceX Pros and Cons

    Today the pastors talk about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and take from it important lessons for the Christian. Then, into the atmosphere to discuss how a SpaceX Astronaut proclaims the glory of docking with the International Space Station, which makes should make us wonder, what glories should the Christian praise? And finally, the Pastors look at the Christian life lived between the Sundays, and how our End Times theology encourages us to endure in Jesus with hope!

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    HWTP Ep2: Two Kingdoms, One Lord, and a Zero Credit Score

    In today’s episode, the pastors discuss recent supply chain issues from God’s view that work is one of his first beautiful gifts to us. Afterward, they take a look at the recent elections that flooded the headlines, giving a Christian guiding perspective through the Two Kingdom Theology principle. Lastly, the viewers hear about their life between the Sundays and what Word of God is in store for them as they prepare to return to the House of the Lord. All credit goes to Christ, his kingdom has come and he will come again!

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    HWTP Ep1: Should Christians Enter the Metaverse?

    Our first episode has the pastors, Jared DeBlieck and David Dunlop, unpacking what this podcast is all about, addressing Facebook’s Metaverse, or should we say Meta’s Metaverse, and ends looking at the reality of life often overshadowed by celebrity.

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    Worship Woes: A Return from Quarantine

    When the quarantines began to shut down schools then states, then the nation at large, it’s no surprise that churches were caught up in the crushing wave of the COVID crisis. Many have taken the possible instances of First Amendment overreaches by offering the other cheek–permitting a time of online worship until the day congregants can gather once more. Or, at least with fewer restrictions. Those days seem to be drawing near, and for some states, that day is here, such as for my state of Indiana.

    The idea of not gathering, in person, for worship is something Christians should not take lightly. We are incarnational people, in the flesh kind of people, we relate best to each other as we encounter one another in person. The reason for this truth is that this is how Jesus encounters and best relates to us. “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth (John 1:14).”

    Jesus’ advent into his creation as a child who grows in the humility of the flesh through wisdom and stature (Cf. Luke 2:52) makes evident how we by the same frail flesh make sense of God and this world. But as we interact with this Living Word by live-streaming worship and social distancing it is worth wondering with the psalmist, “How long, O Lord (Cf. Psalm 13)?” How long until we can come back into the house of God’s presence in Church and rejoice in the calling of the Holy Spirit to gather together in the flesh for worship and reception of all of God’s gifts of Word and Sacrament?

    What I feared at the beginning of this quarantine is already beginning to rumble through social media and a diversity of personal exchanges: people do not want to go back to worship. This could be for a variety of reasons, none of which do I claim to know for certain, but among them is fear of the virus and satisfaction with current worship practice: online, drive-in, or nothing at all. I want to address in particular the satisfaction with current quarantine worship practices by speaking to the importance of in flesh worship and life.

    The exchange of God’s gifts and discipline have always been delivered in the flesh. When God spoke to his people it was through Moses and the Prophets, and now in these last days through Jesus, the Son of God (Cf. Hebrews 1:2). And these words are not merely transmitted by Books or Letter of the Apostles but are taught by pastors to this day. It doesn’t speak to the weakness of God’s Word that doctrine is handed down this way but to the fact that God’s Word is unchanging and true ministers of the Gospel still speak God’s Word as Moses and the Prophets and as Jesus and his Apostles.

    The blessed gifts of the Sacraments, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, were not relayed from a transcendent voice from heaven but given to the Christian Church from Jesus as he came to his people. The Mediator met with his people, in the flesh, and gave to us what is necessary for salvation.

    Likewise, the necessary use of discipline is a person to a person matter. When St. Paul addressed Cephas for his sin, he “opposed him to his face… (Galatians 2:11)” and when we stand condemned for sin we confess before God and one another our sin (Confession and Absolution in the Divine Service). We confess before our pastor all the sins we are aware of (Individual Confession and Absolution), and we confess our sin as others confront us according to the discipline of Matthew 18.

    Worshiping together lends itself to the way we live together. Our way of worship has been disrupted so our way of life together has been disturbed. This time can be an opportunity for reflection upon the goodnesses of God’s presence among us but it cannot be an excuse to claim a new normal. The ordinaries of worship and life should not be forsaken because we have come to crave something outside their usual practice, worship: online, drive-in, or not at all.

    If something can be learned among Christians as we return from quarantine let it be the joy of our incarnational nature in Christ with one another, and a general caution toward novelty.