It seems impossible to get lost these days. For just about any person, directions to where you want to go are only a click or tap away. What about when your destination is the truth? Where do you turn, who do you trust, and can the spirituality you embrace sustain that pursuit?

Rubrica is your source of clarity, as you wade through the cultic and cultural fads of today looking for everlasting truth. Rubrica is born out of the realization that the worship of God (cultus dei) informs how you engage the world. As impossible as it may seem the world is lost, but I hope in the Rubrica project you will find a faithful guide in Christ!

What is a Rubrica?
Rubrica. Latin, translation: Rubric. Literally, it is defined as, a law with its title in red, red earth, and red ocher (an earthly pigment)A common expression is found in churchly practice as, the rule for the conduct of a worship service. Perhaps more familiar still is the use of red lettering to identify the words of Jesus in the Bible. The prevailing use of a rubrication is to direct attention, to highlight someone or something of importance. Rubrica is the place for just that.

Pastors Jared DeBlieck and David Dunlop discuss news and culture from a Christ-centered worldview. The aim is a light-hearted but grounded conversation through Scripture and pastoral casuistry.

Jared and David share their thoughts as friends and brothers in the ministry, while you listen in. Join them wherever you listen to podcasts and on YouTube.

Rubrica Creators

Pastor Jared DeBlieck
Curriculum Vitae
Academic Papers

My academic interests include studies in Christological ethics, post-Christian culture, campus ministry, and liturgical catechesis. More broadly I enjoy topics in history, education, and philosophy.

• 2010: BA from Concordia University Wisconsin in History
• 2014: MDiv from Concordia Theological Seminary
• Currently, I’m a PhD student in Missiology at Concordia Theological Seminary. My research is on how a Gospel-Culture might be carried out in the Post-Christian Context of Lutheran Campus Ministry. That is, how might a distinctively Lutheran identity be sustained and flourish when surrounded by counter-Christian ideologies?


Trinity Lutheran Ministries in Edwardsville, IL called me as their Associate Pastor and to serve as the LCMS campus pastor to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2014.

In 2019, I took the call to serve as the Associate Pastor in campus ministry at University Lutheran Church in West Lafayette, IN to the Purdue University community.

Best of all, I’m blessed to be married to my wife Morgan and share the joy of parenthood to our two daughters.

David Dunlop…Cohost of Headlines with the Pastors, Bio coming soon.